Can an On-Boarding App Increase Engagement?

Onboarding is becoming more and more important in recruitment. An effective onboarding process will ensure that your new team members are up to speed with their job role as soon as possible and you greatly reduce the chances of your new starters leaving within the first few months. All the effort and expense of recruitment needs to be protected rather than wasted and an onboarding app can help you to increase engagement. Here are 5 ideas on why an onboarding app can increase engagement -

  • Your new recruits can get to know about their new office before they have even started with you. With access to the app they can see the address of their new workplace, and get details of travel options, parking facilities and other information. This takes one of the worries of a new job away. The new recruits can research the area that they will be working in and see where they can get their morning coffee or where they can grab lunch
  • It can be a daunting thing starting a new job so your app can give your new recruits the opportunity to make contact with others that are going through the same thing. This will give your new starters the chance to share their experiences and find others who they can empathise with.
  • You can set up the steps that the new recruit will follow so they know the process, their progress and the next steps that they will take as part of the onboarding program your company has set up. Knowledge of the process and where they are in that process will put the new recruits mind at rest and they can see how they are progressing. It helps to keep their focus on the role they will be taking up with you and will provide a prompt on any outstanding items such as signing the contract or providing ID verification.
  • The app can provide details about existing team members. This gives the new recruit a chance to see the team and learn about the team before they meet in person. Again this takes a lot of the stress out of the situation when starting a new job. Your new appointees will have enough information to learn and retain so anything that they can get before will cut down on this information overload.
  • With an app that delivers push notifications you can send little reminders to your new starters if there is anything you want them to know. If you want them to bring certain things with them on their first day or want to remind them not to forget something then a push notification is the ideal way to get that message across and know that it won’t be missed.

Successful onboarding is all about effective communication so the addition of an onboarding app will enhance what you can offer to your new recruits and make sure that they are fully engaged in the process.

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